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Test on Walking Drum

(Time limit 50 minutes)

Name ____________________________ Period ______

*1. Adventure of the burning house: Write at least 50 words describing this ordeal. Be very specific with details. Include specifics on the period following the fire.

2. Who was Tournemine and what did Kerbouchards have against him?
How did Kerbouchard get Tournemine's body, what specifically did he want to do with it and why. I suggest mention "Youdig".

3. Consider Chapter 22. What are the two major religions? How lond had each been in existence? Who and when started the non-Christian religion? Write about fifty words dealing with the spread of learning as those people conquered lands. Use spedific information.

4. What was Kerbouchard's quest? Where and how did it end?

5. What specific scientific knowledge assisted Kerbouchard and an older man to escape from a "garden" near the end of the book?

6. Select one woman. Tell under what conditions they met and how he helped or how shwe helped him. (Do not use Fat Clair)

7. Consider Paris: Kerbouchard avoided a serious propblem because of his family heritage/religion. What was that religion and how did that help him get out of trouble?

*8. Relate one incident of escape involving a cave, tunnel, or underground passage.

*9. Tell about one incident involving honey bees.

10. On page 432 is a quote, "My mind is my sword." Relate one incident that proves this to be true. Be specific. Do not use information you used in any other answer!

Answer on yuour own paper. Be sure to number each of your answers. Try to use specific information. Each item is equally weighted. Each response will be given full credit if I consider it "at expectations." Reduced points will be given for responses that are below expectations--especially "skimpy" answers. Bonus points may be awarded for quality answrs. Budget your time. You should spend no more than 5 minutes on any one item. I suggest you start with the ones which you can do most quickly. If you have marked the book as you read, you should easily be able to finish. Yest, there are some built in points for "wiggle room." You can still earn 100% if some of your answers are a little below expectations.
Check the board for any hints!